Our Training & Counselling

Doncaster Women’s Aid are fully trained to facilitate a number of training courses both internally and externally, our specialist services, from one of our trained specialists include. 

  • You and Me Mum Programme: To help mums to understand how Domestic Violence and Abuse can affect mothers and address the needs of children and young people who live in a Domestic Violence and Abuse situation;
  • Helping Hands Programme:   Where children can express how they feel, challenge issues of personal space, learn about safety planning and gain an awareness of acceptable and unacceptable behaviours’ to others and themselves;
  • Freedom Programme: Aimed at helping women to understand the beliefs held by abusive men, increasing the women’s ability to take control of their lives and understand the steps needed to protect themselves and their children. It can also help them to understand what a healthy relationship looks like;
  • Power to Change: This course helps women with assertiveness, boundary setting, understanding the effects of Domestic Abuse on children, looks at managing emotions, and dealing with fear, building confidence/self-esteem, planning for safety, budgeting, money management and employability skills.
  • In-house Domestic Violence and Abuse Counseling Service;
  • Supporting male victims through our Male Domestic Violence and Abuse Victim and Survivor Workbook;
  • Provision of Personal and Relationship Safety Training;

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What is Domestic Violence

Types of Abuse