Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

A world where women and children have equality and can live free from abuse.

Mission / Objects of DWA

The Objects of the Charity, for the benefit of the public are to:

Relieve the distress and suffering of women and their children, who have experienced, are living with or at risk of Domestic Abuse, by empowering, supporting and increasing their safety and well-being.

Core Values

    1. DWA is an independent, charitable organisation committed to accessibility, confidentiality with a non-judgemental approach offering a diversity of service provision;
    2.  DWA strives for continuous improvement based on the needs and satisfaction of all our stakeholders in line with legal requirements, quality standards and best practice;
    3. DWA are a community led organisation with a corporate and social responsibility delivered through our specialist service provision
    4. DWA are a pro-active, progressive, responsible employer encouraging both volunteers and staff to develop to their full potential.