How DV affects the workplace

How Domestic Violence effects the workplace:

One in four women will be a victim of domestic violence in their lifetime.

Two women per week on average are killed by a male partner or former partner. Nearly half of all female murder victims are killed by a partner or ex-partner.

Domestic Violence has significant effect on an individual’s ability to work and concentrate.

If a woman is the victim of domestic violence at home, her behaviour at work is likely to change, you may see mistakes, a change in personality, fearfulness, a rise in sickness through stress, anxiety or due to physical injuries.

How to spot signs:

Is a member of your team constantly harassed at work by their partner, does their partner contact you directly to explain any illnesses?

Are there a constant cycle of ‘accidents’ that lead to bruising?

Does your member of staff seem irritable, anxious or scared, are they trying to cover something?

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