Corporate Partners

Become a Corporate Partner

DWA welcomes local businesses to support DWA in a mission to reduce and safeguard women against the effects of DV.

Corporate partners of DWA benefit from us by receiving:

Onsite training (if requested) to your senior team to recognise the signs of Domestic Abuse and how an employer can help.

Material to display onsite to advise team members of the signs of Domestic Violence and to call us for support.

Discrete services onsite to victims of domestic violence, we will provide counselling at place of work (if required) to avoid detection from her partner.

Join in our Real Man campaign – Join David Beckham and Gordon Ramsey in our very own ‘Doncaster Real Man campaign’ we will take pictures of our local male supporters, this will be advertised with all our promotional material, alongside marketing your company’s support.

Make us the Charity of the year in line with your CSR policy.

Join us in Domestic Violence Awareness Month:

Host dress down days, training days and money raising incentives throughout the month of October.

White Ribbon Day

Don’t forget, all our corporate sponsors are recognised in our events, marketing and networking.

To become a corporate partner of DWA, contact us

How Domestic Violence effects the workplace:

One in four women will be a victim of domestic violence in their lifetime.

Two women per week on average are killed by a male partner or former partner. Nearly half of all female murder victims are killed by a partner or ex-partner.

Domestic Violence has significant effect on an individual’s ability to work and concentrate.

If a woman is the victim of domestic violence at home, her behaviour at work is likely to change, you may see mistakes, a change in personality, fearfulness, a rise in sickness through stress, anxiety or due to physical injuries.

How to spot signs:

Is a member of your team constantly harassed at work by their partner, does their partner contact you directly to explain any illnesses?

Are there a constant cycle of ‘accidents’ that lead to bruising?

Does your member of staff seem irritable, anxious or scared, are they trying to cover something?

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